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apo senra
10-01-2012 4:00:18 PM EST
P.O. Green- when you get a chance, please call me so we can discuss the fundraiser I want to run for breast cancer. I would definitely appreciate your help in what I should do. if your to busy, we'll chat about it after or before the meeting wednesday. thanks. and for the rest of the unit.... Ill see you guys on wednesday. : ) stay strong and safe guys.

Thomas 12108
10-01-2012 3:49:42 PM EST
Since we are the Citywide TRAFFIC TASK FORCE, we are tasked with making sure our city streets are kept clean. read on : LA Officials Say 'Carmageddon II' Was a Success CHRISTOPHER WEBERLOS ANGELES (AP) — Traffic was flowing again on the city's busiest freeway following a weekend closure that was hailed a success by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa after it didn't result in the "Carmageddon" of epic traffic jams.Bridgework that forced the closure of Interstate 405 was completed and lanes of the freeway through the Sepulveda Pass began reopening Sunday night, hours ahead of a planned reopening for the Monday morning commute. The first drivers allowed back on the roadway cheered and honked their car horns as news cameras rolled.A similar closure occurred last year to demolish portions of the half-century-old Mulholland Drive bridge to allow construction of an additional freeway lane. The south side of the freeway was removed last year, and the north-side lanes stayed standing until the south side was rebuilt.Like last year, city residents heeded months of warnings to stay off the road and weekend traffic was unusually light.Villaraigosa said his hope for a "Carmaheaven" came true and he thanked drivers for their cooperation."The real stars of this sequel were the motorists who took advantage of a car-free weekend and stayed off the road," he said.Like Villaraigosa, some drivers couldn't resist comparing the scenario to a movie."It's like that movie 'Vanilla Sky,' ... where Times Square is empty," Sterling Gates told KABC-TV. "It's kind of like that. We're known for our traffic, and it's just nothing."The closed, 10-mile section of the 405 carries about 500,000 motorists each day on a typical weekend, according to the Los Angeles Times. California Department of Transportation officials said that in order for "Carmageddon II" to be a success, at least two-thirds of those drivers need to stay off the road.The rare sight of a carless freeway attracted many onlookers, including seven people who were cited for sneaking onto the roadway, the California Highway Patrol said.Last year, three people slipped onto the freeway at the crack of dawn and snapped photos of themselves enjoying a gourmet meal on an eerily empty freeway. Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Copyright © 2012 All Rights ReservedCygnus Digital, a Division of Cygnus Business Media

10-01-2012 12:57:10 PM EST
Just saying, if I was involved with the Friday night incident(s), I would probably make sure that my APBA dues were paid in full and that my membership was valid. Just saying. The coordinators are not so happy. In fact, I am scared. Btw, APO Karen Thomas is our delegate.

10-01-2012 12:53:44 PM EST
I received the same phone call. I am pissed at the fact that I can’t trust my supervisors when I’m not around. We will defiantly discuss proper van operation during our meeting on Wednesday. This is the reason APS does not trust Auxiliaries with certain equipment. See you all on Wednesday.

P.O. Green
10-01-2012 12:48:16 PM EST
Marisol Lisboa and Anthony Rentas, please contact me ASAP in regards to getting your prints done and reactivating you. We need some Motivated People around here.

P.O. Green
10-01-2012 12:37:37 PM EST
Attention: A/Sgt. McSweeney and A/PO Gonzalez, contact the CTTF office immediately.

APO Thanks
10-01-2012 12:32:35 PM EST
Just to add to my last post. When you ride around with this units name on the side of that van, you represent all of us. You represent this command, our coordinators, our department. What the hell is wrong with you? You are auxiliaries for a reason. I have a bad feeling that a CTTF Boot Camp is on the way in response to this. Thanks again.

APO Thanks
10-01-2012 12:02:47 PM EST
Once again we shoot ourselves in the foot. This is why the Auxiliary program gets the grief that it does. Wannabes running around with lights and sirens for no reason, abusing authority, etc. Our coordinators have put together a great environment for us. An environment that treats us like adults and not morons. As Green days it, "you cooked it, now you will eat it.". Unfortunately, those who screwed up have screwed the rest of us. THANKS!

10-01-2012 11:18:44 AM EST
Well, I just started my week off with a nasty phone call from a high ranking supervisor. I would like to say thank you to last Friday nights crew. You embarassed this unit!!! Lights and sirens through red lights? Cursing at people from the van? Your kidding me, right? That's how you act? No problem. You just started a huge fire. SEE YOU WEDNESDAY!!! BTW, ALL OF YOU BETTER BUY SOME COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES. YOU ARE GOING TO NEED THEM FOR A WHILE.

A/PO Sniper Thomas   Yesterday
10-01-2012 9:48:51 AM EST
It was truly an honor working the detail yesterday. After the run, a woman approached me with a thank you card. During the run a little kid high-fived me and said "thank you for your service!". We got lots of high-fives and thank yous...and I was very surprised! Why are they thanking us? This is for firefighters...there are military guys here...I'm just doing traffic and crowd control...maybe they think I'm a real cop?...I don't need thank yous I'm here to serve!!...Then I listened to the words of the song the band was playing, I saw the veterans running with prosthetics, talked to proud family members, saw people tear up when they noticed us clapping for them, stood by the banner procession for the firefighters that died in the Towers, saw the veterans struggling to learn how to walk again. In the office when we were signing out we saw a clip on TV of a veteran who lost 3 of his limbs after only a month of service. A private company donated money to build him a house so that he could regain independent living. Wow. Maybe being an Auxiliary means more than just what we feel in our hearts. No matter how much people make fun of us- family, friends, MOS, etc. We make a difference. People count on us. We change days and save lives even when we don't notice. A simple quality of life tour or detail post alters someone's life path. And in the blink of an eye our lives can change forever...I know morale is low right now. Trust me, I've had rough days too. At my lowest point this month I received text messages and phone calls from members of this unit who ignored their own pain to acknowledge my own. I wasn't expecting that. Members were willing to drop everything and come to the hospital to be there for my family. When I expressed surprise, an MOS told me "we take care of our own". We're there for the city, and for each other. Maybe you only see one side of this unit, I have seen the good bad and ugly in a very short amount of time. I can tell you there is magic here. It's worth it. It's all worth it. Whatever is causing the drop in participation we can fight it!! We can band together to pull ourselves up that hill. Through positive energy and mutual motivation we can make this unit the best it's ever been. There are good people here with great hearts. We don't leave anyone behind on this journey, and we take care of our own. If there is something going on in your private life, there is someone here that can help. Kind words go far. If it's a work situation, maybe someone in the unit can help with that as well. School? Let's figure it out. There are lots of people here in the same boat. Not happy with something in the unit? Let's find a solution. Yesterday doesn't have the promise of today or the mystery of tomorrow. I am committed to making this work. Who's stands with me?

10-01-2012 9:14:21 AM EST

WE ARE GOING PINK FOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER IN ORDER TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE BATTLING BREAST CANCER AND TO BRING AWARENESS TO OTHERS. I have changed the site to pink. I will be selling PINK bracelets starting today. They are $5.00. LET'S BAND TOGETHER AS A TEAM AND DO THE RIGHT THING!!! Yesterday was a real dissapointment. We have to be better than that. We need to be better than the rest. That begins and ends with all of you. Not 5, 6, or 7 of you, all of you. Don't rely on the other members to carry the load. If you work together, things get done. If you sit home, nothing gets done at all. YOU WANTED TO BE PART OF THIS. If you lose your shield and ID in the next few days, BLAME YOURSELF! You put me in the position to take it. No crying. A few of you will be losing your stuff for good. About 16 will be put on probation. This is all according to the Patrol Guide. We are not making this stuff up. This includes Sergeants. Don't think that because you have stripes, you are exempt. THE FACT THAT I HAVEN'T SEEN 2 SERGEANTS IN OVER A MONTH, AGGRAVATES ME. YOU DON'T WANT TO GET ON MY BAD SIDE. I DON'T CARE WHO YOU ARE!!! I have a job to do and I will do it. REMEMBER, YOU DID THIS, NOT ME. YOU FAILED YOURSELF!!! I GO ABOVE A BEYOND FOR ALL OF YOU. GOT SOMETHING BAD TO SAY, YOU ARE NUTS! Have yourself evaluated. Ask anybody from other commands about their coordinator. You will hear some nightmare stories. You are very lucky to have 2 coordinators that try and do the right thing rather than just go through the motions and do the minimum. TODAY IS OCTOBER 1ST. IT IS A NEW QUARTER. WE CAN'T CHANGE WHAT OCCURED LAST QUARTER BUT WE SURE CAN DETERMINE THE OUTCOME OF THIS ONE. WE HAVE A LOT TO DO. THE HALLOWEEN PARADE, THE MARATHON, THE BALLOON BLOW UP, THE THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE, THE HOLIDAY POSTS, AND NEW YEARS EVE. WE ARE ON THE FRONTLINES OF ALL OF THESE DETAILS. WE GET FRONT ROW SEATS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES. WE SET THE STANDARD!! WE ARE MOTIVATED, WE ARE DEDICATED, WE ARE PROUD. WE ARE THE CTTF!!! GO PINK!!!

10-01-2012 4:26:35 AM EST
I want to apologize for not showing up ontime on sunday detail.I work overnights saturday and sundays from 7pm-7am. A 12 hour tour no sleep what so ever sick with the common cold but with good intensions to show up for the detail a careless co-worker show up late to relief me from work I dint have no choice but to wait until he comes usually I show up almost every sunday I love doin details.I have a great respect for the firefighters my dream was to become one.

10-01-2012 3:22:06 AM EST

I want to thank those that worked the detail today. A/Lt Dedier, A/Sgt Siewert APO's Cosme, Karen Thomas, and Deboer. Your dedication sets the standard. Remember that we are a detail oriented unit!!!! DO NOT TELL OUR COORDINATOR OR ANY OTHER SUPERVISOR THAT YOU ARE IN, AND THEN NOT SHOW UP. It is disrespectful! There are almost a dozen super important details to make time for. This is one of them. EVALUATIONS HAVE BEGUN, IF YOU ARE NOT ATTENDING 60 - 70% OF THE DETAILS, THEN WE WILL HAVE TO HAVE A CONVERSATION. THIS WEDNESDAY IS THE MANDATORY GENERAL BODY MEETING. IT HAS BEEN POSTED FOR OVER A MONTH. FAILURE TO ATTEND WILL RESULT IN YOU NOT BEING QUALIFIED IN YOUR ANNUAL TRAINING REQUIREMENTS, AND THEREFORE YOU WILL BE UNFIT FOR DUTY AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PATROL!!!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST 2 MONTHS? This is very disappointing!

09-30-2012 8:46:48 PM EST

Today's detail was an amazing one. 25,000 people running walking limping thru this 3 mile journey that Fire Fighter Stephen Siller did a little over 11 years ago. I was extremely happy to work and applaud the participants during todays detail. Noting is more humbling than to see service men and woman who lost multiple limbs still have the energy to get up in the morning and still support this country and the people in it. Every branch of the military was present at todays race, along with firefighters as far away as London. People ran in everything from shorts and t-shirts to full bunk gear, gas masks, bomb disposal unit uniforms and 75 pound packs strapped to their backs. i have a new found respect for the service people and first responders of this country. the march of the 343 was also very moving. That is the Proud part. Now for the annoyed part. IT PISSES ME OFF GREATLY THAT ONLY 5 PEOPLE SHOWED UP TODAY'S DETAIL. 5!!!!! THAT IS EXTREMELY PATHETIC FOR THIS UNIT. You want to complain about being bored you want to complain about not getting your hands dirty but then you don't show up. I understand we ALL have lives I understand there is work school family etc. Remember you signed up for this program we did not force your hand. If you don't want to show up when assistance is needed then either turn in your tin and ID card or come see me about transferring. I am sick and tired of having to calm down PO Green during details because the majority dont do what you have to do. Keep this up and we wont have a coordinator like PO Green. TRUST me, you do not want that to happen. The mandatory general body meeting is Wednesday. I suggest ALL of you get you A$$es in. It was announced well in advance for you to make arrangements to move around your schedule. Thank you to the 4 officers that showed up for todays detail you helped out and made a difference. As you know most of the runners were happy for your support this morning.

A/ PO De Boer
09-30-2012 2:54:04 PM EST
To follow up on PO Greens post this is one of the most humbling experiences you can have. It's not just about supporting the Siller family and all those that gave their lives on 9/11. Every one of us is guilty of complaining about the petty things in our lives (getting up early on a sunday to work a run...). The group that stood out today and makes you realize you've got it pretty good is the Wounded Warriors. Think you've got it hard,try completing the tunnel to towers run with a prosthetic leg. How doing the same with two prosthetic legs? How about completing the same thing when you hardly know how to walk yet? Just think about that and understand why we do what we do. The last two individuals to cross the finish line were a Marine and Soldier that were learning to walk on new prosthetic legs and adjust to life with a prosthetic arm. We were at the finish line and to see the look of pride on these individuals faces was nothing short of humbling. Obviously they weren't the only two of the wounded warriors, many more participated and had that same look of pride. Think waking up early is hard now? Try going from a fully functional young person to having to depend on others to do even the simplest of tasks. These are the true hero's that haven't given up b/c it was to hard. Think about them the next time you complain about how hard something insignificant is. Having served in the Marine Corps I am very passionate about the wounded warrior project. It was an honor to be out working and cheering these men and women who gave so much and now want nothing more than to live a normal life again. Still don't get why if you wear a uniform its your duty to be out there supporting these amazing individuals? Think about it.

09-30-2012 1:08:17 PM EST

The response to my calls for help in honor of a great firefighter were disgusting today. 5 people turned out to help. Only 5. Very sad. For all of you that sat home, slept late, picked your nose, lied to me, etc., YOU JUST DON'T GET IT AND YOU SURE THE HELL DON'T BELONG IN ANY FORM OF A UNIFORM!!! YOU WILL NEVER GET IT. PUT OTHERS FIRST!!! IN WAS AN HONOR TO WORK THIS DETAIL TODAY. IT WAS AN HONOR TO SHAKE HANDS WITH WOUNDED WARRIORS!!! GOD BLESS THEM ALL!!! THEY GET IT. NO LEGS, NO ARMS, ALL PRIDE! THAT'S WHAT I SAW TODAY. THANK GOD THAT THIS COUNTRY HAS MEN AND WOMEN LIKE THEM. THEY CARE!!! Those of you that sat home should turn your shields in. Disgraceful! AWESOME JOB BY THE 5 MEMBERS THAT SHOWED UP. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THIS RANT IS ABOUT. YOU SAW THE SACRIFICE OF HEROES FIRST HAND TODAY.

09-30-2012 7:01:50 AM EST

I announced this meeting 1 MONTH ago for a reason. It gave everyone enough time to reschedule any events, work, etc. IF YOU ARE TELLING THIS OFFICE THAT YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO MAKE IT BECAUSE OF WORK OR SOMETHING, BRING IN YOUR SHIELD AND ID. Go do what you need to without them in your pocket. This is a paramilitary organization. Don't like it? TOO BAD!!! WE ARE DONE WITH THE BABY STUFF. THIS IS A MANADATORY MEETING!!!!

09-30-2012 6:19:14 AM EST
Sorry green I'm not coming in due to co-worker call is gonna be 1 hour late therefore I won't be able to make it in time once again sorry

09-29-2012 8:52:36 PM EST

1. DESHAWN: The fingerprints that you took are no longer being used by this department or the Government. You will be notified to take other prints as soon as the rest of your investigation is completed. You will probably be in the March class. I will have a better idea on Monday. 2. VENTURA: GET YOUR REAREND IN QUICK AND GET CHANGED REAL QUICK. NONE OF YOUR TAKING YOUR SWEET A** TIME DAYS. I WILL LEAVE YOU IF YOU ARE NOT READY. GOOD? GREAT. 3.VANDER-SOMETHING: CALL ME THIS WEEK. YOU ARE A SPECIAL CASE BECAUSE YOU ATTEND AN OUT OF STATE SCHOOL.

apo magee van der veen   cruyff14@verizon.net
09-29-2012 8:31:52 PM EST
In regards to the mandatory meeting on Wednesday night, i have an exam during that time, is that an acceptable exception to the mandatory attendance policy?

Apo.Ventura   646-525-1220
09-29-2012 8:03:07 PM EST
PO. Green I would like to do the detail on sunday there is one problem I get off from work at 7am from work to cttf it takes me 10 to 15 minutes by train can you make a exeption I promise I would change fast.

Deshawn Casseus   casseusdeshawn@yahoo.com
09-29-2012 7:51:06 PM EST
i took my finger prints already and i know we were suppose to take them again but in m=not on that list .

09-29-2012 6:41:19 PM EST
Morocco, If you can get over there exactly at 3pm, They will let you go first and get out of there. Should only take 5 minutes. Go directly to 120-55 Queens Blvd.

09-29-2012 1:23:55 PM EST
Hey PO green am working monday at 430, so am not sure if I can go to queens and have enough time to come back to the city, my question is there any chance to go earlier straight to queens and have fingerprint done ?

A/PO Sniper Thomas
09-29-2012 8:10:00 AM EST
I'm in on Sunday

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