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APO Wice
07-12-2012 12:46:37 PM EST
I will be at base before 1745 departure for the TSBA meeting tonight.

07-12-2012 12:43:25 PM EST
If you want a ride be at the base by 5:45PM. We depart promptly. Class A or the uniform you wore during graduation.

CTTF Teambuilding
07-12-2012 10:03:57 AM EST
Newbie Rep - PO Navarro is equally good with hugs. Keep up the motivation! :-)

Newbie Rep
07-12-2012 8:53:24 AM EST
We are grateful to be a part of this program. The leadership treats us with respect and keeps our safety as the highest priority - from our dedicated co-coordinators, to our buff Aux titles, and senior members who take the time to mentor the newcomers. This is a unit that is just like family. We may have our ups and downs but it won't break our collective spirit. After every setback we will rally to a new height. During the send-off, PO Green took the time to counsel members on career paths, personal issues, and difficult family situations. He went above and beyond on a night when he could have focused on himself. This is a true leader, one who understands that the greatest power is the power to help others. I know there are a lot of people whose lives have been positively changed by Green's leadership. Some of us are not good with words, or hugs, or social gatherings. It's ok. There are other ways to show you care. Let's come together and motivate each other to be the change in the world that we want to see. Green gave us the tools. Now let's make him proud. Let's make New York proud. Let's make ourselves obnoxiously proud. We are the CTTF. Fidelis ad Mortem!

A/PO Thomas
07-12-2012 4:33:20 AM EST
Getting out of work late prevented me from coming to the sendoff party. Wish I could've been there. Many of the unit's members work, go to school, our have other priorities...but of you could've come out you should've.

APO Wice
07-12-2012 12:06:50 AM EST
I was a bit surprised to read about last night's attendance for PO Green's send-off party. While I made a special trip in from Long Island to be there for Marty (and was the first to arrive), I had to leave on the early side, thinking many others would arrive afterwards. But let's look forward: I've been at CTTF for nearly 6 months, having previously worked at the 71 and MTS. POs Green and Navarro are among the best cops I've ever met; they represent NY's Finast in every way: the best and the brightest. I am absolutely delighted to be part of CTTF and it's up to each one of us to make it the unit that we want it to be (and what our coordinators expect of us). I joined CTTF fully understanding that more was expected. Not the "more" just in hours and minimums, but more in esprit d'corps and the pride in wearing the unit's patch. And events like last night's are part of that pride.

Auxiliary Police Officer Phan
07-11-2012 11:13:24 PM EST
Sorry for not showing up for the Frying Pan, I work night shifts 6days a week as of now from 5PM to Closing. I can't take days off because I already take days off to come in to do my bare minimum.

C.O. Conna
07-11-2012 5:55:39 PM EST
APO, I am flattered by your invitation to join the NYPD CTTF Auxiliary Police Unit. However; both professional and personal ethnics would prohibit me from serving in ANY volunteer public safety organization even those up by my way! It would be a conflict-of-interest to combine professional law enforcement employment with public safety volunteerism.. I neither live nor work in any of the five boroughs of New York City. Morso; I would be both unwilling and unable to comply with the regulations of the NYC AP program given the nature of my employment even if I were a resident of the City and somehow managed to commute a minimum of 180 round trip miles to my workplace from the city line. In addition, per NYS County Law; all sworn police [deputy sheriffs] and correction officers must reside in their respective county of employment as sworn sheriff's officers are public officers. I have the utmost respect for Police Officers Green and Navarro. They represent the future of NYPD. They both do for others what most other AP coordinators will not. I wish both Green and Navarro were police officers in my department and they would work well in the community given the problems we have with NYC gang members [Bloods, Crips,and Sex,Money,Murder] who migrated up here to Kingston from the city. We need more younger officers as them up this way who are dedicated to their work and overall mission of crime prevention and apprehension. I have read P.O. Green's posting this morning and realized his expressed disappointment with last night's event at Pier 66a. He really cares about you guys, the auxiliary members of the CTTF, and wants to "do the Right Thing". No doubt he gets flak from his co-workers for going over and beyond what is required from him as a coordinator. Just don't let Police Officers Green and Navarro down.That's all I have to say.

07-11-2012 3:23:13 PM EST

Team: What the hell is going on? We are supposed to be a family!!!!!!! I set up a great send of at the Frying Pan and just a hand full of loyal members showed up. Dan conna from upstate drove a couple of hours to show his support. I just don’t get it. Marty is so disappointed. Stay Motivated and loyalty is everything. Hope to see some support at the TSBA meeting. GET MOTIVATED!!!!!! LET’S CONTINUE SETTING THE STANDARD ((WE ARE THE CTTF))!!!! FIDELIS AD MORTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-11-2012 2:14:35 PM EST
this message is for the co from upstate. Your appreciation of our unit is great. And we really appreciate your support. We especially appreciate the fact that you came out for po green party. be a member of this unit. I don't want to disrespect you. I am just stating that you are not 1 of us. And your criticism comes off in a negative light. And you have no right to criticize those numbers are for unit 2 which you do not be long. . However if you are trying to criticize members of this unit, you should first be a member of this unit. I mean no disrespect. Just merely trying to tell you that you have no right to criticize people who belong to something to which you do not. again, your enthusiasm is definitely appreciated. But you and anyone else that is outside of cttf should not sound like a supervisor of this unit if you or not

A/SGT DE DIER (The Ultimate Diva)
07-11-2012 11:22:14 AM EST
To echo PO Green congrats to Simon & Alex on their road to becoming NY's Finest. Now onto the other issue at hand, I too am completely disappointed in last nights showing of the best Auxiliary coordinator in the this program. Yea I said the best if anyone has a problem with that statement you know where to find me. You guys are making your selfs look bad by not showing up to important events whether it be on the 10 or not. I hope that PO Green doesn't transfer on the account of your lack a dazicle actions. For those who are always present thank you very much for making this team and unit what it has become. Tomorrow night will be another chance for some of you sorry people to support your team. Get your behinds in and support your team tomorrow at the TSBA meeting! The Diva Has spoken

07-11-2012 11:06:02 AM EST

Ladies and Gents: I was a little dissapointed with the showing of my send off last night. I can not lie, I was hurt by the lack of CTTF Auxiliary members. I had a blast with those of you that showed up. For those who did not, your message is loud and clear. You do not care. Not a problem. I put my heart into each and every one of you. I put my heart into this unit. The fact that I heard that some of you answered the question, "are you going to Marty's send off party?", with "NAH." NAH? NAH? No problem. I put my life on the line for all of you everyday. I really care and to hear NAH, I am not happy. Because of last nights showing and the obvious drop in Motivation, I am considering a transfer to ESU or Highway. Today might just be my last day with this unit. I am sorry but as I said to Joe last night, "if they don't care, why should I?" I hope you all have a safe month. Fidelis ad Mortem and God Bless! (Side note: CONGRATS TO SIMON TSUI AND ALEX MICHAELS ON GETTING THE CALL TO BECOME ONE OF NEW YORK'S FINEST. GOOD LUCK IN THE ACADEMY AND LET ME KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING YOU NEED HELP WITH.)

Upstate Peace Officer
07-11-2012 9:19:33 AM EST
A/Lt. Lewis, thanks for organizing the sendoff party for P.O./ ME 3 Green. I am sure he had a good time. For those seven members of the CTTF Auxiliary unit who were there at Pier 66a last night: you shown your respect to your superior officer who is serving our country as a reservist. Several have traveled long distances by train and car to honor Officer Green. Now there are other unit members that COULD HAVE attended--even briefly-- out of respect for P.O. Green. It's a way of saying, "we appreciate your concern, thank you" for all the things you [Green] and P.O. Navarro has done for the unit. When I first started in this business some 34 years ago, I was taught to respect fellow officers and superiors. When a superior officer entered the room, you stood up from the chair. When speaking to a superior officer you addressed him by his/her title of rank. When an officer retired from active service, you attended his retirement party. And finally, when a retired/ active departmental member passed away you attended his/her wake and/or funeral. To this day, I still practice these protocols and hope that younger officers might do the same.

Frying Pan
07-10-2012 5:03:17 PM EST
Cy, it's on W 26st and 12 ave

Frying Pan
07-10-2012 5:03:17 PM EST
Cy, it's on W 26st and 12 ave

07-10-2012 4:26:36 PM EST
I need Directions to the dinner party...anyone????

07-10-2012 9:53:22 AM EST

Good Luck Green. I have been monitoring you on different forums and all I can say is, "MUCH RESPECT!" I have been on the job for a year and I was reading your posts before I came on. You motivated me to looking into joining the Coast Guard myself. I hope to see you one day out on the water. I just wanted to wish you luck and tell you that you have people supporting your decision to join the military. According to the recruiter, "Green was made for the Coast Guard." I must concur. Maintain that positive attitude and you will have the Drill Sergeants crying. Kick some butt! Go get em Petty Officer 3rd Class Green.

07-10-2012 9:14:03 AM EST


A/LT Lewis XO   PO Green - Send Off
07-09-2012 9:38:40 PM EST
TUESDAY JULY !)TH - PO Green's Send off - Meet at the Frying Pan between 1900-1920 HRS. Pier 66a & West 26th Street New York, NY 10069. Look for PO Navarro & PO Green. I will be delayed slightly due to work.

APO Wice
07-09-2012 7:21:24 PM EST
Will a supervisor be available for an early tour Tuesday before the event for PO Green starts? I'd like to get in a few hours (perhaps 1600-1900), so please post information for tomorrow. Thanks.

TEAM BUILDING   cttfteambuilding@gmail.com
07-09-2012 11:25:24 AM EST

Just a reminder – there are 23 days left til the deadline/s. As an alternative method of payment (per request) other than the folder in the office and credit cards, you can use PAYPAL! cttfteambuilding@gmail.com has NOW been enabled to receive Paypal payments. If you have yet to settle up, authorized members will also be present at the dinner tomorrow night. Be safe out there. MOTIVATED, DEDICATED, PROUD! WE ARE THE CTTF! SETTING THE STANDARD! FIDELIS AD MORTEM!!!

07-09-2012 9:00:37 AM EST

REMINDER: The TSBA meeting is on Thursday at 1800 at the New York City Police Museum. The TSBA will once again be giving us a platform to honor the members of this unit who have earned the Member of the Month Awards for the 2nd Qtr. The awards are given out to our members in front of the entire TSBA which includes our Chiefs and CTTF supervisors. It is a very classy way to honor our members and it is a place that you need to be on Thursday to support your team. The following members are being honored, A/Sgt. De Dier, A/PO's Phan, Lao, McKew, and A/Sgt. France (maybe he will show up this time). I will not be there but my heart will be. Please, show up in a large group and participate in this event. Food and drinks will be available and if you are not a member, join. It is only $15 for the year. Join the NYPD's oldest Fraternal Organization and be part of history. Congrats once again to the award winners (earners). MOTIVATED, DEDICATED, PROUD! WE ARE THE CTTF! SETTING THE STANDARD!

07-09-2012 8:41:03 AM EST

UNBELIEVABLE! That is the only word that comes to mind. A/Sgt. Arsenio France has continued to lead by example in the month of June. He has put in an amazing 1000 hours for the year in the first 6 months of the year. Arsenio is a positive influence on younger officers and he always shows pride in this unit. Arsenio continues to set the standard for this unit as well as this program. The CTTF is very lucky to have him. CONGRATS HOLLYWOOD ON EARNING THE MEMBER OF THE MONTH AWARD FOR JUNE 2012!!! KEEP IT UP!!! (SIDE NOTE: AWARDS WILL BE GIVEN ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE TSBA MEETING. 1800 HOURS AT THE POLICE MUSEUM.)

07-09-2012 8:17:57 AM EST


APO Rumilly
07-09-2012 12:38:02 AM EST
I'll be getting injections into my lower spine on Tuesday, but if I'm physically able to move about, I'll see you at the Frying Pan. Perhaps APO "Humpty Dumpty" is a fitting name?

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