#BiggerThanBaseball      Mission      APPAREL     


1. Integrity - when you give your word keep it, people depend on you.

2. Knowledge - know your job and be able to pass it on to others. If you don't know the answer, admit it, learn from those around you.

3. Courage - There are two kinds of courage, physical and moral. Fix your mind on your mission. A poor decision is better than a half-hearted attempt. Know whats right and stand up for it.

4. Decisiveness - Get all the facts and make up your mind when you've weighed them. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

5. Dependability - Get the job done no matter what the obstacles are. Never make excuses for yourself, stay on the job until its done, know what needs to be done and where your duty lies.

6. Initiative - Think ahead. If you see something that needs to be done, don't wait to be told to do it.

7. Tact - The right thing at the right time, consideration for others, courtesy. A tactful leader is fair, firm, and friendly.

8. Justice - Give every one of your subordinates a chance to prove themselves. Help those that fall short of your standards.

9. Enthusiasm - The more you know about something, the greater your interest and enthusiasm. Show it. Others will follow your lead.

10. Bearing - This is how you present yourself, uniform pressed and looking good. It's also how you conduct yourself. Don't ever show your concern over a situation even if you feel it. Speak plainly and simply. If you lose control of your tone you lose control of the situation.

11. Endurance - Never think about quitting, every leader must have endurance beyond that of his subordinates. You don't have to train to be miserable but you do have to train to end misery.

12. Unselfishness - Get the best you can for your subordinates all the time before you get it for yourself. Share the hardships and privileges. Give credit where credit is due.

13. Loyalty - Back your subordinates when they're right, correct them when they're wrong, you're being loyal either way. Never criticize your unit, seniors, or fellow officers in the presence of subordinates and make sure they don't do it either.

14. Judgement - This comes with experience. It is simply weighing all the facts in any situation and applying the other 13 traits, then make the best decision you can.